Monday, August 2, 2010

Basic physics of density

The so called static kill with do the same thing as the prior failed top kill.   One difference, the oil is not flowing now, so there will be less pressure needed.

But the heavy drilling "mud" a manufactured Mud, not real mud, well...why won't it continue it's downward path into the reservior?  The smallest pipe in the casing assembly is almost 10".   With light oil below and heavy drilling mud above, why would the mud not continue to flow down into the reservoir, allowing the oil to "float" upward.

Concrete, sure...ill believe that will seal it.    Mud as a seal?   Sounds very odd.

And the relief wells are already there....just feet away.    So why this riskier operation that could blow out the well structure itself?    Because they want the oil.

Watch the spin, after the static "kill" works, there will be some more spin on using the relief wells as real wells, and not as kill spots.   Not that I disagree with this, however, the audacity of the continued lies and misreporting is what I rant about.

Wiki infor on well kills

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