Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bears in Control?

What an absurd concept....Bears in Control....

I hear this all the time....sometimes even blog pundits say...."bears have to get going"   The absurdity is large.

Bears short....that doesn't drive down prices.   It make a target for a Gov sponsored bear squeeze.   Or and HBB sponsored bear squeeze using your tax payer dollars at zero interest.

There is NO "BEARS MUST GET GOING"!!!!    OK

Bears do the opposite of making the market go down by going short.

I am just saying the BS is amazing, even on national will be claimed that the bears caused this downturn by shorting......ABSURD!   Call you local legislature and explain how this make no sense.

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  1. I'll admit... guilty as charged! LOL... absurd indeed now that it's seen in that light. I will now completely eliminate that phrase from my vocabulary and never use it again. Good stuff, Steveo.

  2. I wasn't pointing any fingers, but am happy when I can add clarity to a situation, hehe, you are redeemed.....hehe

  3. I added a link in the above article to a prior post on bears and Aikido

  4. Great points... and the time to use that energy appears to be soon. Maybe not quite yet, but soon. Tx


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