Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cable and Euro took a pretty good dump, ES didn't fully follow

Fibs and PRS seem to be working

Not an expert in VWAP but using on tick chart to try and stay away from bad bets regardless of the bigger picture.


  1. Pound down, euro down, dollar up, market up. Fakeout early today setting up for the nice correction coming next. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Pound heading down again, and ES following this time, at least for now.
    All of the smart guys I review show market heading higher to say 1160 zone. So that worries me in my short taken around 1122 today. But I have a nice move down and will set my stops at breakeven, not giving much room, but not willing to take the chance that the "smart guys" are right.

    But this market is won't let the smart guys make much money in actual trading, although their charts may look nice in the rear view mirror.


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