Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Cable tanked and SPX rocketed up.

Cable looks like it is on the verge of breaking important horizontal support, and is also appropriately obeying the RPS 133 channel lines, getting kicked down.

The correlation between Cable and SPX may end, but until it does, we ought to view divergences with suspicion.  

I covered my future short last night before the mega-ramp, and went back in short, at a nicely higher level, based on this Cable view.    Still, support is support until it is really broken, so time will tell.

Expiry week, so big moves can come quick.


  1. USD bounced off its 50 day MA recently. http://quotes.ino.com/chart/index.html?s=NYBOT_DX&t=&a=&w=&v=d3

  2. Thanks for the chart...

    Eur and Cable and still acting odd, waiting for Europe open to hopefully give some direction....
    Very tight, too tight, stops on shorts right now. But a huge move could be in the works.

  3. Check latest posts....and

    Dnarby, thanks for your participation in this humble blog.


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