Sunday, August 1, 2010

Getting back to the basics, and if you are a long term investor, think of these things.

This family may be right, they may wish to avoid transferring debt to their offspring.

But the overall picture of selling farmland is wrong, but the timing maybe OK.   Buying things that can produce items that people actually need (unlike a large screen TV in the garage) is a good long term decision.   Buying farmland with access to water is a good thing in my humble opinion.

Running a farm is hard, hard work.   at 65YO these people may have the right's too hard for them.   And if they are in debt, why pass this on, just shut down, bankruptcy, whatever.

Seriously, I am thinking of buying land somewhere, maybe New Zealand, and getting ready to start a truly sustainable existence.

On that note, I doubled my PV system output last night with an electric tie-in.  The system run at 400 V DC and you can't shut it off except by tarping the entire array or finding all 8 connectors which are buried under a grid of panels.

The easy way is to do it at night.    Under a cloudy half moon, the system was producing 11 Volts at 9PM.    Beats the heck out of 400 VDC which will mess with you!

Rainy today, but still producing more power than using, even with 5 computers up and aircon on.

I like it!

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