Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out of shorts 1087.25

Out of my short term positions, based on a bunch of things, ES,EUR, cable

Ready to jump back in.   HBB doesn't want retail to profit from the downside.  

The big moves will come after hours....


  1. "Big moves AH" same thinking here. Lock limit down and no gap close coming soon, staying short with radars on full alert.

  2. A great day, hands down. We hit or have almost hit a fib fan line off the 100250 low, could be good for a bounce. I'll just sit on my cash tonight and see what HBB Int'l. has in store for us overnight.

    And tomorrow, we try to get 'em again....

  3. Good luck, I will look at Europe open tonight for clues.

    I haven't been watching currencies in relation to Person Pivots, daily and weekly, but that is the "next level up", and often used in playing currencies alone, which are obviously influencing and being influenced by US equities.

  4. That was bullishly fun real bull the dip! (i.e. at S&P=200)

  5. well said in a bullish sort of way

  6. ooops

    uh, what I meant to say was "moooooooooooooooo!!!"

    yeah, that was it

  7. bullish is as bullish does. life is a box of bullish.

  8. Bullishly so. Time for Sushi and B'day dinner. Ill miss the Europe open...oh will be just fine without me and the market will be here tomorrow....


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