Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tricky Nikkei

Japan is upset the Yen is so strong, and looks like the dollar is about to go on a rally.

Yet the Nikkei has an awesome chart here.   But a drop from here goes against the two above theories.  

Tricky, very tricky.


  1. Sudden euro drop? Denninger wrote what I was thinking,
    Rut leading the way. SRS lagging everything, it should play catchup soon. Radars on code red. Staying short over weekend.

  2. See new post, does look like Euro could plummet.

  3. Dennigers chart is dramatic, but represents a drop of .6 penny, which is actually quite normal in Euro trading....not in the latest slog upwards so much...but I have seen moves of a penny in 5 minutes, not based on any news, just trading.

    Denniger is dramatic, bless his soul....I like his work too.


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