Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bearish!!!! Hardly Cable and Euro have legs

SPX price target 1105 per the Astro chart and the currency charts, point that way too.


  1. yes, it looks like the up move has begun BEARISH and while 1105 is a likely target BEARISH I do tend to believe that will will exceed that by a good bit. but I'm BEARISH short bonds, so maybe I'm just seeing my BEARISH book in the charts.

    thanks as always, oh hawaii chart master.

  2. Like I said....sometimes I feel in tune with the markets...and that put me even more on my toes! Long ES futures today, 15% up in one account--that is nice once in a while. But bought a stink bid for QID, so my long may end up only being a hedge depending on tomorrow open. QID does not trade until market open.

  3. PS and thanks for being so BEARISH!!!


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