Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breakpoint Trades --14 Pages of Trades Setups Published on Sunday

Even though I see horrific fundamentals, extreme bullish complacency, and have an overall bearish view of the markets, I also enjoy making money with good individual stock trade setups.   

Since I won't be in the field tomorrow, I was looking forward to placing some trades that could pop a quick 6% to 10% gain, spurred on by expected Fed pumping and mass global insanity.

So I was real happy to see Breakpoint Trades publish 14 pages of trade setups--those guys work really hard, doing all that on a Sunday.  They have a free trial membership, but you don't get all the goodies, like the mechanical trading systems.   Their 6 month membership is the best deal at $240.00, my last trade on FEED already paid for that 3 times over.  

Seriously though, if you are trading---you need to be working on Sunday to be prepared, or just pay someone else to work on Sunday so you can leech off their hard work.  

If you do want to sign up for their service, please use the link on the left, as they will extend my membership, meaning that I can bring more value to this free blog.

Below idea from BPT Sunday

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