Wednesday, September 1, 2010

QQQQ and the expected Ramp Job, Frog Boil perchance to come

Haven't looked at QQQQ in a while.
I reminisce to 2008 when QQQQ was around these levels and a friend asked if I thought QQQQ was overvalued.   I replied, that POS was overvalued at 35!

The expected, and much awaited climb in Equities took place so far today.

The ramp was steep....that's how the MM's do it boyz,  if you are short---you stand there like a deer in headlights hoping that it was a blowoff top and it will soon come down, then they meander the tape back and forth upward, like in a slow frog boil, trying to reach your time patience and uncle point.


  1. Hi Steveo, i enjoy your blog a lot. I track the fear ratio chart that you have posted many times, and have tried some other combinations too, heres one thats interesting:

    Nuff said

  2. thanks for commenting AND posting a chart, not just a chart, a very cool ratio chart. My TOS is all bust up after 2 back to back updates, of course "they" will screw up the software at the worst possible time, but I was long ES from a few days ago, so quite happy with today.

  3. Thanks, what a day. You should drop in at chat4traders more often.

  4. Not really day trading much lately. But I will when the time is right.
    I was thinking of putting up a linked chart site, where secret charts like yours can be posted, and password protected blog, i think it is easy. Those Quant Spider Robots have to be thought about, Ok so I am paranoid

  5. has a nice private group feature to share charts n stuff (free)


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