Thursday, September 2, 2010

Total market H&S, bond indicators

Need I say More?

Bonds look like ready to tank.
The 1st set of shorters had their head handed to them, with a full retrace to a double top, alternately, TBT had a double bottom.

All the same market, bonds and equities could tank same time...that would fool alot of people.

Will miss market close so going tight stop on longs now.

Check the bond chart on upper right of this blog. Pretty much a no brainer...I mean how much higher can you go in bond price than equivalent of near 0 yield?


  1. That is a monster H&S.

    Downside target seems to be somewhere in the low 9's for the DJIC and SPX, which would give political cover to implement QEv2.0.

  2. Exactly right before elections.....


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