Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Black Humor for Halloween

See this notice from Morgan Stanley, a sign of the times.

Planning for retirement is no longer easy and cannot be done with a canned software, in fact it can't be done at all.   Think of the brilliance of the Lloyd and Big one retires, you just work until you die.   This solves productivity issues as well as extended health care costs.    Welcome to the Orwellian Madness --- Picture aging Tyranosaurus, overcrowded in a sticky Petri dish, fighting for limited resources.

From Morgan Stanley

I voted by mail last night.   Very convenient, had time to even research a few issues, see who stood for what.   For me, energy issues are key.


  1. The nation is starving for jobs!!!

  2. And it is getting worse, not better. Census workers don't count (pun intended)...that's just another temporary and non-producing money dump.


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