Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cable may be ready for a run down

Currency wars are definitely in play. 

Our call last week on USD finally getting a run up seem to be in play.  Mutual fund flows out of US equities has been consistently positive (i.e flow out to bonds and foreign equities) for well over a  year, yet the market rallies, hmmmm.    

My call for a new recent high, followed by a drop, just happened.  Not playing cute with short positions though, just holding.   That same call expected a further push up to make sure the shorts have been double burned (recently), expect that later today or tomorrow, and then I think the distribution game is over for a while.

I don't have any way of real time watching of overall put buying or call selling, but that would be a useful trading tool, does anyone have a good way?    Then we need to separate options on just equities versus overall options (includes hard and soft commodities).

I guess it is HBB managing the State Pension funds who have benefited from this rally, hope those pension funds enjoy it while it lasts.   Very Shearish.


  1. Hi, im not sure if this is what you meant, but you can track cpci and cpce realtime in

  2. WEll now, I think that exactly what I was looking for, will investigate later. Thanks!!

  3. I like the CBOE site intra-day data. Here's an example from today...


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