Sunday, October 3, 2010

Short Portugal

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Portugal Now Accessible With New NETS ETF

The Portuguese economy has experienced short-term inflation along with a slight slowdown because of the international credit crisis, but investors still find this country agreeable for investment and worthy of its own ETF.
Portugal is now accessible to investors, thanks to Northern Trust, which launched the NETS PSI-20 Index Fund (LIS), which is tied to the Euronext Lisbon exchange's index of the largest and most liquid stocks trading on its main market, reports Heather Bell for Index Universe.
Portugal's central bank governor cautioned that the country may enter 2009 in an economic slowdown. As with other euro-zone countries, higher oil prices have taken their toll on the economic growth, reports Dow Jones NewsWires on FX Street.
Portugal was the only country of the 15 euro-zone members to suffer an economic contraction during the first quarter. The good news is that efforts will be focused on avoiding second-round effects of the contraction, by upping domestic companies' competitiveness and attracting foreign investment.

A Portugal index -- contributed by a blog participant at BPT -- Puma
And this development just in September, I am researching how to get access to this trading vehicle.

Comstage Launches Portugal ETFs in Lisbon
Written by Staff   
September 07, 2010 12:11 (CET)
Commerzbank subsidiary Comstage yesterday listed two new Portugal ETFs on the NYSE Euronext Lisbon stock exchange.
The Comstage ETF PSI 20 ETF offers investors exposure to the Portuguese benchmark index of 20 of the largest and most liquid shares on the Lisbon stock exchange and carries an annual TER of 0.5%. The other ETF is a leveraged fund based on the same index, with a TER of 0.6% per annum. Both funds reinvest dividends.
Hélio Cláudio, Director Public Distribution International of Commerzbank, said that with the expansion of Comstage’s European ETF range to over 100 trackers, the provider considered the development of the ETF market in Portugal a priority.

More later, but if anyone has information, please chime in

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