Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Think Like A Thief POST

OK just some thoughts here....

I predicted today's ramp, especially with all the war stories out there.

Friday is a half day of trading.    Mom and Pop traders half zonked on tryptophan and reacting in short time frame to whatever "news" is fed to us.

MY STRATEGY (for me), be ready for some big moves.  

Position trades need no adjustment, but set a "stink offer" to catch a possibly wild move.    i.e. sell off some stuff at very good price.   You can always buy it back again, it is just a click and a small fee.  

Short term trades, I will probably close out most, be in cash for expected big antics on Friday.

Monday/Tuesday, I expect a "return to normal" from the holiday antics.

I am pretty convinced that the new trend is down US equities, up USD. 

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