Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boatload o' Charts

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I have a few indicators here.   The Fear Factor is showing a possible chopstick reversal. Fear Factor 2 is showing some similarity to past years.

My "Toy Index", Polaris, Harley, Winnebago is showing strong bullish-it sentiment.   Whooo Hooo let's party like it's 1999 again!   I don't see any immediate shorting opportunities on these charts, but they just show extreme exuberance.  See the charts.  Please drop a comment.


  1. Hey buddy! Nice work! At year's end lie we are now, I attempt to give themes for the years and attempt to give an overall theme for the next two years as well. then see how close I come on the broad themes. got 2008 right, missed for 2009 but got this year, 2010 it is:

    2008-Derivative Meltdown
    2010-QE (son and grandson of TARP)
    2011-Start of Sovereign Default along with municipal and State default in the USA
    2012-Currency Collapse

  2. OK, your predictions are now documented!
    I was thinking about you today as I started my research on Nevada based company start-up and Nevada based bank.

    I been banking coin in Solar business, with mad rush for tax credits at end of year. Now I will focus on owning nothing and controlling everything.
    My construction company (an operating company and thus at risk) owns nothing and leases everything from another company.

    The time has come, and more delay in protection of assets would be fool hardy.

    PS Do you think I need a Nevada bank to go with Nevada company?

    Also you mentioned some Nevada based companies that provide a mail address and facilitate startup, can't find those posts, can you send again if you still have nearby. PS got friends in Vegas and lots of energy going's on in Nevada, so can write off all trips there.

  3. So I don't lose links, I just started a new Nevada business blog....

  4. Send me an email at Dutch at I will give you my contacts.


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