Wednesday, December 8, 2010

JP Morgan Cornering the Market on Copper --They own half of LME

They say "its not just us, our clients are asking us to buy it", yeah right.

And look at how traded currency markets are.  


  1. jp morgan obviously never heard of the hunt brothers. funny what can happen when you start trying to act like the original J.P. Morgan....

    I was reading comments to the 'distracting' charts post and saw the one about not having been to daneric's in ages due to elliott wave being useless, discredited--or words to that effect. as I've said a million times before (rough estimate), there's nothing wrong with EW, but the great majority of people who use it aren't that great at it, and I include myself in that category, especially lately. and it's nothing I would use on its own, there is too much of an art, or at least a very refined skill, to it.

    meanwhile, steveo, I am short this madness, also.

    join the army and see the world...or in the case of dr. j's charts, something better.

  2. Mad short doing OK, stop is now at small profit and sitting between the 61 and 78 which is not that comfortable, but what the hey, cant lose money on this one now.

  3. closed out the short with a small profit, that was a good move.


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