Monday, December 27, 2010

Slow week -- ONE:VIX

This is likely to be a slow week in the markets.

Unless I see something big coming up, I will resume posting next year.

Consider 2X USD bull fund, I want to buy one that trades end of day only.

Happy New Year, this market doesn't need me right now, and it will still be there when I come back, it will be going up and down. 


One chart from Darell, this is simply Vix inverted i.e. 1/Vix

Reversal point or is this a "bullish" cup and handle?   Anything is possible in this new world that we live in.

Check the MACD, bullish, but it tanked in the past while bullish looking MACD.   I don't like the standard setttings on MACD, they are too popular, too gamed.

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