Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wikileaks on Banks (aka a leak about a leak, that is a double negative)

Notice how many leaks there are that Wikileaks is gong to be pounding the banks?

When there is this much news, you need to consider it may be misinformation.   Consider that XLF will be gunned bullish over the next few days, perfect way to conduct a throw off top....

leak news to get bearish bets placed (more of them)
Then use the government rirement plan assets under management to start buying XLF
Call your broker buddies and let them in on the secret
Ramp XLF, blowing shorts and using the tricked shorts money to blow the stops off the other shorts with stops at higher levels....booom a blow off top that scares new shorts from entering.....

Now let gravity take it as the Bank/Broker shorted at the top



  1. I like the theory, it makes sense to me. The last two days since the double inverse leak have been straight up. My timing says this rally thing may last until Monday the 6th. We probably don't see the move down start tomorrow - unless of course it does!

    CNBC talking heads were very bullish from the little I caught this AM. The bank scare story is another version similar to Bernanke's comments in mid August regarding the "very uncertain" outlook. They set us up for the slaughter it seems, over and over. They are good at it. Any doubters should just check back to his comments and look over your charts from late Aug. Nice huh?

    Nice catch on the bank heist.

  2. "Double Inverse Leak" I love it!


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