Friday, January 28, 2011

Big down day

Fairly big down day.

It figures...when everything is looking "non comittal".

Also a gripe to TOS and Disqus.   Remembrance of years past with any big market activity, the things you use the most will fail you when they matter the most.   TOS was always a bit sketchy like that, but with Ameritrade takeover (the evil empire, as least one of the ruling members of the evil bank/broker/G Cartel), it is getting worse as expected.

Still, have kept TOS around, since I am used to the charts.   However, here is the grip.   I spent 30 minutes last night, late, like 11:30 updating my charts, removing artifacts, cleaning them up.   Adding new PRS channels, removing old stuff.

Then when I wake up and look for clarity on market positions....all the old junk had come back, and the new stuff....totally critical for trades in place, GONE....

So annoying, beyond annoying.   Damaging to ability to make profits.   Forces me to recreate, rather than spend time trading.     

TOS stinks.   

ES chart, PRS channel lines definitely in play

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