Monday, January 24, 2011

Put call ratio, New Stock Charts membership.

Even though I didn't get the AD-D klik support I was hoping for, I still plunked down the credit card for a Stockcharts membership.   It does look like a good way to organize and quickly review favorite charts.  

Now I got 60 minutes on the put call ratio chart, free member only get daily data,

and looking back 2 years, there were a few instances of extreme readings, but not many.   I guess I would want to know not just the ratio, but what the volume, or better yet, dollar volume of the value of the options.   If there was for some weird reason just 100 calls sold that hour, but 1500 puts, then that would be an extreme reading like this, however, may not mean that much.  

I have the feeling though that NYSE option volume is probably more like 100,000 per hour, just guessing.

Testing this link to see if a linked Stockcharts Chart will appear for you all.   Let me know

Test failed, the link below reverts to daily data only when I am not logged in to my Stockcharts membership.   The annotations are still there, but you won't see the spiky 60 minute put call data i am trying to point out.

On the 21st, beginning of day, there was a 15 to 1 spike in Put call, then same thing on the 24th.   The blue lines on the chart show all the times that has happened.   So this is either some type of error or very strange. 

Setting order to sell on weakness and then institute a trailing stop on futures.$CPCE&p=60&yr=2&mn=0&dy=0&id=p11246832442&a=222235130

Below I am posting a screen cap of the chart, so you get  the whole deal

Below is one trade idea from BPT

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