Monday, January 3, 2011

Slap Down from the PRS 100 channel line.

I missed this (the back test), very sad, a nice easy 7 ES points.    Now ES has some person pivot support, so we shall see when futures re-opens at 12:00 Noon Hawaii Time.

Looking to improve trading financial performance for 2011.     I have a no brainer solution for you, and it is the first time ever I have see it on sale, and as far as I know, you are going to get this only at Hawaii Trading. 

I post often at BPT.    It is a pay site, private blog.   Very good one at that, lots of trade ideas generated by operators and customers.   I post some of my best stuff there, since, is a pay site, maybe only 50 to 100 people will be on the blog at any time, and for the best really don't want 1000 people working on the same idea.

No brainer---here I posted a trade idea from BPT, on DNN, bought at 3.29

I fortunately closed out at 3.52, for a 7% gain, just a quick trade off a small pattern.    Could it run up to 4.00, sure.   It was a small trade, using $6600, or 2000 shares.   At .23 profit (less trade fees, that is $445 profit).   I would not have found this symbol on my own.   It was a 4 day trade.   I may go back in, as it did drop off with the end of day today mini-panic, or it may drop with the market, who knows, buy I more than covered the $240 --6 month membership.

Cost of BPT membership is very cheap, and they have real actionable ideas.    I don't take even 20% of their trade ideas, I review their stuff and if it ALSO integrates with my systems and my requirements for volume/liquidity, then I set alerts and when they go off I move.   (or I set buy over X.XX), i.e. buying on strength, buying on a breakout (aka breakpoint)

This 25% EXTRA COUPON.    Give it a try, there was a guy on the blog just last week saying...."after 25 years of trying hard in trading, I have learned more from being a BPT member in just 2 years, and rarely do I have a losing month."

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