Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AUD short, Breakpoint Trades full newsletter

First, I have another full-on version Market Analysis report with audio, and watchlist trade ideas.    The real deal for you, for free.   Linked here with permission of Breakpoint Trades.  Check it out.

Is this the turning of the tides?   Time to join up and for $2 a day, be able to obtain hours worth of analysis that can be quickly digested.   Consider it, really.  Use the link on left side when you are ready to join up.   Simply put, this is the best analysis (yes even better than mine, although I do different stuff) from two hard working guys that know tech, Elliot, Fibo, patterns, candles, indicators and divergences, as well as coming up with their own backtested mechanical system, and real time trade alerts, and an active (protected) blog, that's tolerate no spam/no trolls.   $40 per month.   

One decent trade idea can easily pay for the whole membership fee.

What can I say?  


Second -- I haven't been posting and when I don't see much in terms of good patterns, PRS channels, Fear Factor, or ACT (Asset Class Totals) --- well then I might just post up a funny video ror something.


AUD Short.   Look at that stop sweep.   This is simple folks...when you see a stop sweep like that, a near vertical line, they mean business....they are using big money to ramp and sweep, then they are shorting from the toppish area, and then not entering more bids...but letting the market tank....

However before I make a Gonzo Bet, I would want to confirm that is not just a data error, so I look at TOS and sure enough, same stop sweep, so it probably really happened.    Time to drill down.  

I'll do a short lesson in PRS in the near future.  It is really simple, but you need to train your eye to see patterns that are buried in between the outliers on the high and low side.

OK, simple enough, but we haven't established a declining channel on the AUD/USD nor even broken the PRS 133, we are at PRS 50 actually.    So expect shenanigans, but keep on eye on this one, set some alerts even, maybe 2 alerts each side up and down.   

I did just draw in a mini-down channel on the last chart at bottom, seems to work well. 

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