Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AUD Short, and PRS training

See Notes on recognizing a blatant stop sweep, and jumping in, not running scared.

An HBB stop sweep is like a mortar going off.    Except you have to resist the fear of running away, as soon as the shrapnel has fallen, dive in to the smoke and set your position.

And right below, a long awaited graphic description of the PRS Channels (originally developed by a blogger code name PRS guitars)

AUD Short.   Look at that stop sweep.   This is simple folks...when you see a stop sweep like that, a near vertical line, they mean business....they are using big money to ramp and sweep, then they are shorting from the toppish area, and then not entering more bids...but letting the market tank....

However before I make a Gonzo Bet, I would want to confirm that is not just a data error, so I look at TOS and sure enough, same stop sweep, so it probably really happened.    Time to drill down and then jump into the smoke.

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