Sunday, February 6, 2011

Breakpoint Trades - Full on "Pay For" newsletters, here 100% free today only

Don't miss out on this market analysis.

Breakpoint Trades is letting Hawaii Trading post the real product for free!

Enjoy -- if you like this stuff, please use the link on the left side bar to sign up to BPT, the 6 month membership is the best deal for sure. 

Using the BPT  Watchlist and Mechanical systems (like the swing trade on GDX Gold Miners Index) really help profitability.   Some of the watchlist is pretty thin liquidity, so you probably couldn't run say $500k of trading funds through those watchlist items without occasionally moving the market, but running $100k or $200k is well within reason.

Also what I have just found out it that by clicking on the "Live Chart" link on each page they present, now that I have Stockchart's membership, I can aggregate all the watchlist and indices of interest and they update in real time with notes and trendlines intact.   That is very cool.

BPT Foreign Market Newsletter

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