Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quickpost, No moon and a push up makes "non-sense"

Sometimes the moon phase matters a lot, it has only mattered a little lately in this final emotional POMO push for confidence.  

New moons are more dramatic then full.   It is a new moon now, that means no moon.  

Moves come a day or three after the moon, when they do come. 

I expect a move up in US indices to wear out the bears that were already taunted and ramped.   On the next 2% move down what bear will jump on?   Not many.   10% later, the bears will be lamenting that they "missed it", and then a 78% Fib ramparoni again.   Get used to it, or don't play.

Look at bottom of blog, I am replicating   which is an awesome site.   I would do my own, but already do it so good.

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