Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Swans -- Not the ones you can see

We all know there have been black swans circling overhead.    But the game changers are not the swans you can see...the ones that matter come out of no where, hiding in the cloud bank, then delivered on a cruise missile.   

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  1. PCQ is the ticker I was looking at for Cali Muni bonds. By my charts it looks like it could head to $8 in a hurry. 25-30% drop. Also check JNK for bond watch.

    Futures look very much the crash I mentioned below for Tues/Wed is coming right on time. It is related to last years May crash. The Dow has very long term issues at 11,750 by secret spook math. It looks like it is blowing by that already on futures watch. Who knows, it could run to 11,000. I guess I shoud do some target math.

    For the courageous who can scope 60 minute charts you could try to catch the rebound Wed or Thurs. To me we will come back to test 11,750. This is likely a crash low followed by rally back. I guess I should skip some sleep and keep working on time machine.


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