Friday, March 18, 2011

Breakpoint Trades Buy Signal (from the Vix)

This is just an example of some of the intraday posts that the guys at Breakpoint Trades make. They have 2 traders Steve and Matt, who are nearly always trading during the day, really trading their own money while providing real time analysis and alerts.  

I just can't say enough about this site--- Breakpoint Trades.   Over 2 decades I have seen and bought into just about every kind of trade service you can imagine, and BPT is the only one I have stuck with.   It is the only one that consistently makes me money, got it? 

I am promoting them?  Sure thing.    And if you sign up for a membership, use the link on the left side of the blog---they extend my membership--and that helps bring ideas here for everyone.

Occasionally I will post some of their trade ideas, indicators.   I will never post the mechanical trading systems and other really proprietary stuff that they offer only to members.   They have a free 2 week membership, which you can try if you want.

Also they are seriously talking about raising their rates, $40 a month.   Amazing when you consider the quality and costs of some other "newish" pay blogs, like Evil Speculator or Hot Options Babe which charge more and provide less.    It's a no-brainer, BUY A TRADING EDGE.   Sheesh, one trade idea, even using only $5000 in the trade can easily pay for the best deal --the 6 month membership. 

And top secret--Matt has come up with an index trade system that blows the doors off of any other system I have seen.   I have seen the trade results, and it rocks through bulls and bears....I told Matt that he has to be careful about that prints money so consistently that it could be considered counterfeiting :)

He has not released the system for sale, and is talking about releasing only to existing members.  

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