Sunday, March 6, 2011

Funny Hitler Parody on Wisconsin


  1. You know what's fishy? I havn't seen a C wave or 3 wave yet for copper. Also,copper usually leads by a few days, so if market's going up, then why has copper been flat for several days.

    What are your pitchforks telling you about Copper.

  2. Check my new post even though whales are not fish. Copper inventories, steadily climbing. The casino is open, let the powers that be game away. I don't see anything clear on my metals charts, using channels.

    Agreed though, it is fishy. Even some mainstream blogger was pimping out a few weeks ago how copper and SPX are hardly correlated anymore, the Matt from BPT did a chart that showed clearly that copper and SPX were mostly lockstep with each other. The deception never ends.

  3. PS I haven't done any pitchforks


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