Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Forex being heavily gamed today.   Shenanighans.

Very good chance we float up a bit, relax on the news, and then a slam down again.

Japan up over 10% compared to overnight. 

No news on Japan TV related to Nuclear....odd.   No news is not good news, but let's hope it is.

What was funny yesterday is the Automakers getting slammed....in reality, they should do very well once they get their plants up and running.    There will be strong demand.   Japanese like new cars.

And Germany closing 7 nuclear plants....I though they were a little smarter, but that may be pre-election gamesmanship, still I find it odd.

MY TRADE PLAN....orders in place to short weakness, if there is more upside, I will miss it.


  1. It appears there's usually an initial strong counter move contrary to how it should move based on the fundamentals. That would be Da Boyz tripping the stops of the early-bird little guys.

  2. Guaranteed you can expect that exactly.


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