Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Nuclear Continued

Japanese are much less prone to ranting or being critical of their government.  However, now there are news releases with nuclear engineers (Japanese ones) stating how the situation has been mismanaged from the get-go, also that the "50 Heroes" have likely been sent to their death, whether that be in 3 days or 3 years.

This is in Japanese, noted they are very low-toned and understated, that is the Japanese way, even when ripping into the government and utility with a passion.    He says, engineers should be running this, not any politician or company owner.   This is simple physics, wishful thinking and customer expectation management does not get the job done.  Bravery alone will not get the job done, bless the souls of the 50 or 70 Heroes.   There will be hundreds or thousands more that have to expose themselves to long term risk before this is all done.   And that is the volunteer workforce, not the nearby population.
Check out this thermal imaging drone plane going to Japan from Guam to help.   It is neat, it will help.
But I am amazed that they haven' installed basic instrumentation, temperature gauges, cameras.  Even if the original systems are all completely gone, setting up this basic instrumentation, even with wireless signals to an ad-hoc command post is a no-brainer.   From the get-go - the information and the stories haven't added up to anything that makes sense.

The likely end game now is "concrete entombment" for a century or so.   This will be very problematic to place the concrete.    If the radioactive "blob" gets into the ground water or the ocean, then I can't really imagine the fix for that, except I would envision BP's ocean robots coming into play.

And here is a Wind website

Link to Japan Windmap

I also will add a translator to this blog.

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