Sunday, March 13, 2011

USD Futures, we posted the chance of a slap down last week, and the blue line did it

The Yen is not being seen as a "low risk" currency now.   They will print, for sure.

That might increase interest in the USD.   Technically, although big daddy Pretcher been talking USD bull for years, it might not happen.   BUT in this conflicted market, be sure to also check out the COT below

I tend to want to watch the commercial  traders, they are usually early, and on the right side of the trade.   They haven't been net long in quite some time, they have been the past several weeks.

You can get these charts for free on a website, look on my page here


  1. Thanks, Steve. You always provide interesting work -- hard work I might add!


  2. Seems like there's always an initial counter-trend movement counter to the fundamentals.... Almost like there's big players out there trying to screw the little guy who trades on them. : /

  3. Thanks for dropping in, share a chart one of these days. I am looking for an alternative to Jing /screencast, has to be quick to sue and reliable.

  4. That is pretty clear cut. Since the HAL20000's took over in 2008, they intentionally cruise the field of play, looking mostly for geometric patterns and other simple technical indicators like the 50/200 MA's to "blow up" by launching your money from your friendly neighborhood pension fund, against you. We can win against this too, it is consistent.

  5. Nice links to the COT data. I saved that one. It is amazinghow the sentiment stuff works once you (sort of) take your own lame opinion out of the equation. You don't have to assume you are worng - that is hard on all of us - but it is easy to assume the rest of the hairless monkeys are wrong. The data on euro shows exuberant bulls again. My self I think we have a big USD move right upon us. We might even see a general market crash of the Japanese type this Tues or Weds. That is a mathematical calc so we will see of course. I do have Cali muni bonds about to blow up also.

  6. Japan getting worse, see new post.
    Got ticker for Cali muni bonds, any way to play it?


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