Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday Musing Gold Moonshot? Nas bear scare

The following 3 are some of my favorites -- anyone guess what they are?


  1. Hi.. where are we going on the S&p do you think?

  2. I Thought we would have went down to 1275 .. but whats your targets now?

  3. Honestly don't have targets now. Just look at what I see. My thoughts are that because everyone is now focused on the indices that the forex is going to be where the predicable moves are.

    /ES just popped the 78 Fibo, thats enough to kill the new bears, so that may be enough for now, retrace down, but who knows, what do you think

  4. The top chart looks like the VIX.

    BTW, Copper is acting strangely. Been flat for several days, and flat today.. Usually it starts to run in advance of a move.

  5. I think that all I need to do is find out who gets positioned in the market late and then take all their cash when they bail!


  6. $RVX/($VIX/$XVX)

    Russell Volatility divided by (Current Volatility / 90 day volatility)

    Draws nice lines methinks. Consider the ratio and what it means when goes moonshot.

  7. are the 3 charts vix:spx. spx, and silver/

  8. Top is $RVX/($VIX/$XVX)
    second is Fear Factor

    third is PMEI precious metals exuberance index. The the search box to search the blog here for more information. thanks for stopping by !


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