Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Japan Nuclear Radiation, Iodine, Cesium, Nikkei

If Japan needs some temporary storage tanks, they could buy them here


Iodine and cesium found in fish 50 miles away.  Over the legal limit.   To review--both are bad, very bad, but 50% of the iodine will go away every 8 days.   It takes 30 years for the cesium to drop by 50%, and the cesium builds up in other fish that eat that fish.


PBOC (Yeah Right 'People's' Bank of China) raised rates on a National Holiday, taking people by surprise.



  1. This is tragic - this will work its way up the food chain. Or they'll have a lot of fishermen on the dole and instead import staple foods from non-contaminated countries ...
    Seeing the scarcity of bottled water esp. in some areas of Japan I have compiled a few "Survival tips: Out of bottled water? Drinking water contaminated? Here is what to do …"

  2. Maven, what is the real scoop on using activated charcoal filters for water?
    One source I read was very confident that it would be extremely effective on removing radioactive iodine, but then I cannot find that source again. Nor after 30 minutes of search can I find any real commentary on the charcoal filter and radiation. Appreciate your input.

  3. Hi steveo, if, and I believe only if, that iodine was still elementary iodine dissolved as a gas in the water would charcoal adsorb it and the filtrated water would contain considerably less. However, while the radioactive iodine is first spewed into the air in its metallic form (sublimated iodine) I am convinced by the timed it has arrived by air and water in someone's drinking water it will be in the form of a salt, e.g. sodium iodide (NaI) or such. This is a dissolved ion compound like NaCl or kitchen salt. And if that were to be removed by charcoal then the Saudis and everyone else would just use those filters and do away with energy consuming desalination plants.

  4. You have a good point for sure.
    I did run across that site again....these guy state their product will "reduce" but no data on %, etc. So I wouldn't risk my thyroid on it.


  5. Found more
    4. Radioactive fallout: Comprised primarily of Cesium 137, Strontium 90 and Iodine 131; and carried on particles ranging in size from less than 1 micron to about 5 microns, radioactive fallout must be removed by submicron microstraininq and adsorption. Any product advertised to be a purifier within a nuclear attack survival situation, but not having the ability to microstrain to this level and adsorb, is potentially a deadly trap that will fail it's users when needed most. Conventional water treatment techniques are not effective in removing some major forms of radioactive fallout.

    Colmar and Williams, in their 1967 summary investigations of nuclear cloud particle size, estimated long term radioactive fallout to be within the 0.10 micron to 10 micron size range with a normal distribution (67%) falling around 1 micron. Williams, in his development of the Clean Sweep III and Clean Sweep IV nuclear debris sampling rocket systems, compiled data that submicron fallout particles existed as early as 10 minutes after detonation and that a preponderance of this particle size range would exist in longer residence time particulate matter.

    Many of these particles, because of size to weight ratios, float in water making settlement basins ineffective. All surface water supplies must, on a continuing basis, be microstrained to submicron levels and must have passed through effective adsorption filters to remove radioactive Iodine 131 - considered probably the primary hazard in radioactive fallout.


  6. Yes, what they seem to refer to is the radioactive fall-out immediately following an atomic BOMB detonation. A lot of that will indeed come back down as finely powdered dust. And while still dust and therefore only colloidally "swimming" in the water it can be adsorbed and caught by charcoal. However, the stuff that arrives from Japan will in all probability not be dust but soluble. EVEN IF it arrived as dust - your utility will not allow slurry into its pipes so EVERYTHING that comes OUT of a tap in a "civilised" country is dissolved hence not filtrable by charcoal, "period"..

  7. A person that is iodine deficient may tend to be nervous or jump around from one place to another.


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