Saturday, April 2, 2011

Japan Radiation

It is obvious to me that very few people wish to come to this site to see comments on Fukushima.

Whatever, I shall post as I see fit about it.   It is potentially one of the biggest things of these near term decades.   

High levels of radioactivity  are likely to continue to release for months, maybe years.   In Russia, they don't have little things to try to accommodate like worker safety.   It took six months to build a concrete structure to contain the main part of the radiation.   Now they think it is too weak and may have to do the former Russia, that is.

This is extremely serious.   There is radiation in the ocean, in the air, in the food, and 45 feet underground.   It is not being stopped.  They have failed and flailed from the beginning, in the midst of 2 other major catastrophes.

Repeat, IT IS NOT BEING STOPPED!   At this moment.    They do not have a concrete batching plant set up, I would have done so two weeks ago....

The cat is out of the bag...time to concrete.  However, in reality they need to stop the fission reactions which appear to keep going, otherwise the radiation would start subsiding.   It is not, the fission appears to keep going.   This is a multi-decade wipe out


  1. Seeing the scarcity of bottled water esp. in some areas of Japan I have compiled a few "Survival tips: Out of bottled water? Drinking water contaminated? Here is what to do …"

  2. I encourage you to keep posting on Fukushima Steveo. It appears we are seeing full core meltdown of reactor 2 even though the media is hardly covering the story anymore. This could be Chernobyl #2.


  3. Yes, the Fukushima disaster hasn't yet played out. And for hundreds of years to come, evacuation or not, you will see growing numbers of birth defects etc., as the recessive mutations will first accumulate before they match some day.

  4. OK, will do. I received a link from Zstock and posted as a new post, very good site for news/editorial.


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