Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lack of Robots at Fukushima

Ft times notices what I have been saying for weeks.

Where are the robots?  Big ones that can move things, take pictures, radiation levels, or Spray containment gels.,dwp_uuid=aff50ade-4bc6-11e0-9705-00144feab49a.html#axzz1J6rH8a1A

Simple ideas:
The French appearing with the PM of Japan on TV.    It almost looked just like a publicity stunt of sorts.   It was very odd.

There is more to this story....keep your mind open.

Maybe Japan refuses help from the US, since US dropped the bomb, and the common 800lb Gorilla is the radiation.

However, the US (Wisconsin built) did send a Putzmeister concrete pump to Japan, same type as concreted Chernoybl.    Putzmeister means "hose master", or a more biology related term...kind of funny.

Speculation that nuclear fuels including plutonium were blown miles around.   This is really supported by the zeal at which they were spraying experimental gels onto the ground to "contain radiosactive dust".   Methinks this is more than dust. 

Uranium supposedly found in Hawaii, here is a good primer on uranium, only 2 pages, but very good information without an ax to grind.  

Uranium for dummies

Great report, check it
Nuclear News Good 8 Page Report

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