Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nuclear issue is market moving news

Check the news, the new earthquake and tsunami in Japan was about 100 times less strong than the big one.   People panic, but it won't be nearly as bad as the big one.   However 2 reactors in Miyagi lost their utility power, and in typical news reporting fashion, the 800lb gorilla was not even presented, i.e. does their backup power sources work?  

Admission of a core melt down and "melt out" is now mainstream.   Every day they don't completely solve the issues of fission occurring, leads us closer to massive disaster, not just big disaster.

Please note our worst case scenarios 2A and 2B from middle March.
Please consider the factor of ignorance and denial as being two main hobgoblins of human condition.   Greed is up there also.


  1. Quotes below are taken from a news site -

    My comments -
    Isn't it interesting that two large concrete pumps are being sent to Japan. Looks like they are prepping to bury the problem to me. And IAEA says radiation is more or less normal. Nice work guys....

    Related to news moving markets - I am not a believer in general. This would all seem to be market moving news but it hasn't done so at least in a simple way that JSP liked to understand. TEPCO got nailed for sure. Nikkei is down around 10% also. I kind of hate to say I am in Prechters camp on this but I am. Emotions move markets - sure people try to think but they just aren't very good at it - news follows the emotions.

    "Two of the world’s largest concrete pumps were reported to be making their way from the United States to the Fukushima plant, to help officials in the attempts to restore crucial cooling functions.

    As a result of on-going efforts, radiation levels around the plant are believed to be subsiding to “a level very close to background,”, according to the latest reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)."

  2. I think Pretcher takes good ideas and stretches them too far. He wants to create a following, i.e. a Camp, being in Pretcher's camp.

    Many many market watchers from all over still have "the USD" must rally big time etched into their brains from Pretcher. I haven't seen him come out and say....oh by the way, that might not happen.

  3. Supposedly a few big funds blew up completely in the late 90's waiting for the shoe to drop as "per the forecast". It never happened and took them out. USD rally sure is being patient, no doubt about that. As many people must now be on the USD bear side as were when the Euro collapsed to 119 last year. Every single bear got demolished ...again.

    Prechter is eliminating his own herd. Don't they call that genocide?


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