Sunday, April 3, 2011

Water Filtration / Charcoal filter and Crises Maven

First, I added CrisisMaven to my blogroll so its easy to find.   Really nice compilation of ideas and resources at his blog.   Focused on societal and economic issues, data, and proper use of data (non-lying).

Good stuff, go visit.

Want to know more about Iodine 131 (the most common and numerous byproduct of nuclear fission)

Here are some common radioactive items, and their half lives.  
Iodine is 8 days
Cesium is 30 years
Both are readily absorbed by the human body.

Isotope Symbol Half-Life Radiation Energy, MeV
Tritium ³H 12.3 yr ß 0.157
Sodium-22 22Na 2.6 yr ß
Phosphorus-32 32P 14.3 days ß 1.709
Phosphorus-33 33P 25.3 days ß 0.249
Sulfur-35 35S 88 days ß 0.167
Calcium-45 45Ca 163 days ß 0.258
Chromium-51 51Cr 28 days ? 0.320
Cobalt-57 57Co 272 days ? 0.122
Nickel-63 63Ni 92 years ß 0.067
Iodine-125 125I 60 days ? 0.035
Iodine-131 131I 8.0 days ß
Cesium-137 137Cs 30 years ß

Some estimates place that Fukushima is already way worse than Chernobyl and Three Mile Island (TMI) in terms of radiation already released.

More on the Charcoal Filtration later


I placed an article on "Sheltering In House" as text and as a downloadable Word Doc.   Please review it, preparation is key.


  1. These issues are not new to those of us that have worked at or lived near nuke weapons sites. This story might give you a feel for how our authorities deal with the aftermath of a large release of Cs137 to a river.

  2. Thanks for sharing that one. Once you start digging, amazing the number of accidents involving very dangerous stuff.


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