Friday, May 13, 2011

Conspiracy Theories and Earthquakes

Some researchers, especially Japanese have been precient at predicting earthquakes.
I heard a report of someone flying into Tokyo 2 nights ago that Tokyo was dark.

In a reality of forced blackouts, what would cause a government to "request" more nuclear plants to be shutdown?

I have had the earthquake gadget on my desktop since indonesia.

For sure, the last 1.5 weeks has been the weirdest I have ever seen.    Earthquakes have increased in number and dispersed, not just on the ring of fire. 

So just saying, whoa!  Just saying, is there a prediction, held secret of more big earthquakes.   Everything I see on raw data and everything I see on the news, AND LACK THEREOF, says yes.

Tinfoil hat?   Sure.     It won't protect against radiation though, well not most of it.

Mess with nature?   Nature will win.  Try to get the best deal "on nature", i.e. fission--well pushing your luck.  George Carlin, one of the best comedians ever, and extremely intelligent....the planet is doing fine, the planet will be fine, it is the humans that are in trouble.  


  1. Perhaps this is a way to create enough crisis for Japan to radically restructure it's finances?

    IMO Japan will have to default, and it's better to do so sooner than later.

  2.  Vast majority of Japanese debt is held by Japanese people,   But it's a good thought to watch out for more hints of "The Great Japanese Reset"


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