Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Earthquakes, ES

144 is quite a bit of 4+ earthquakes.  The odd thing is how spread out they are, usually the ring of fire concentrates almost all of them.

 Some of my lottery puts did nicely on this, and are closed out.   The USD did a massive launch, upward, I expect a pullback/slowdown on rate of ascent.

This late last night call for a silver short (for the insance) was great timing, unfortunately I wasn't feeling insane.   Silver futures are a wild ride even on normal days and times.

I welcome he among you to throw the first dirty iceball at this moon theory.   From experience I see several months where the market obviously follows the moon, and then it goes it a phase where it doesn't follow the moon at all.


From Gerald Celente (I know I know....)


  1.  I'm way behind on reading your blog and many others, Steve, but I'm a big fan of your moon work. This coming week, especially Mon-Wed, should be very interesting. I'm just sitting on my ES puts here for a bit....

  2.  Yeah, will probably close my ES longs on Sunday, serious bad stuff from Japan is possible.   Most news is BS, this might not be that category.


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