Friday, May 6, 2011

Epiphany of the week --Energy

The cost of energy is going to become quite dear.

The Gulf oil debacle is an indication of the more desperate attempts we have to take to get oil, poisoning our ecosystem in the process.

The Fukushima incident is not even understood yet by 98% of world denizens.

Those will cast an evil light on 2 main sources of power.

Even Nat Gas "Fracking" is coming into light.   Injecting benzene (as one of 60 or so things they pump into the ground (think ground water) in order to increase production.

Solar ought to do quite well.


  1. I'm seeing eggs underneath HSI and EEM since mid-March. No other good support on the HSI at this point, so it may well be that the magical egg provides the support. Let's see if it starts to pull away from the egg next week.

  2. I added an EEM egg to this post, but couldn't find HSI at all, wrong ticker?

  3. Hang Seng Index. It's the major Chinese index.

  4. Oh, and thanks for posting EEM chart. HSI is similar. I had been looking for support for those charts, and happened to see you mention over on DE's site that you didn't see any eggs currently. Then it dawned on me that the egg was likely the support. I will also add that the 200dma on EEM is right there where EEM just bounced. Makes sense that both EEM and HSI have similar eggs and are both emerging markets.

  5. Oops, meant to say that EEM bounced at the 100dma and ^HSI bounced at the 200dma.


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