Sunday, May 8, 2011

M3 also How to Turn 10,000 into $66M in 16 years.

Why not give your mother $66,000,000 for this mother's day, after all she put up with you.
Here's how

Here is a spreadsheet, created by a member at Breakpoint Trades, modified by me with some stats on the lower left.

Since 1995, there were 140 long entries (and of course 140 closing sells)
there were 74 short sells (and of course 74 buy to cover)

The average calender day trade period was just under 28 days

If using ULPIX Profunds 2X long, and URPIX Profunds 2X short, which can only be opened or closed at end of day--

$10,000 turns into $66,000,000 (compounding the earnings)

But if you "miss" and can't get the order to your broker on the signal day, and instead you buy or sell the next day, then the performance drops terribly, to a shabby $49,000,000.    :-)

Interesting?  Sign up using the link on the upper left of my blog, it doesn't cost you anymore, and they give me free months.

Trade System list of all trades and performance results--------------------------------------------------------------
Ran across this blog, looks like good stuff.   Check it out.

This post is about the Euro to oblivion, but maybe not just this minute.

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