Monday, May 2, 2011

Poor rationial argumentative process in support of radiation, hell, it's good for you

Please read the above if you wish to remove your nuclear tin foil hat.   In fact, you will find that small amount of radiation "increase growth rates".   I see, like maybe cancer perhaps, or general "growth" or mutations.    Nice.

Where are the longest lived animals, say turtles--- in the ocean. Protected from a vast amount of background radiation and radiation from outer space.

Are mutations and Elliot Wave type "going off's" good for general evolution, sure?    Do you want your kids mutating to take that 1 in 100,000 chance that the mutation will be better than the original product?   Indeed, if you understand basic chemistry, basic cellular structure, and if you haven't been conditioned by a life time of subservience to the nuclear industry or products of war (depleted uranium as weapons, for instance), then it should be something beyond doubt that in the 100 year outlook, adding bunches of radiation to our environment is bad, very bad.   Especially those that bio-accumulate, and those bone seekers like Strontium.  And those that last a long time.    And those that have much higher damages caused than just the occasional Alpha, Beta or Gamma particle release as they degrade into a lower level radioactive element, like uranium and plutonium which have drastic human effects beyond just the "iononizing" radiation

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  1. Death, Taxes, and Radiation....

    For one...does the Sun produce any radiation? Maybe even of a nuclear type? Duh? Always harmful, at any dose? Really?

    Another point, here is a personal story. Many years ago when I was more of a fighter than a lover I was able to see first hand some very real and painful parts of our's and Japan's history with radiation. Whilst just a pup in the US Marine Corp I was stationed in Japan within a days trip by train to Hiroshima. This was in the late 1980's.

    Along with a few buddies we walked to a train station and took a trip to Hiroshima for donuts. No kidding, there was a place with a reputation for lightest and tastiest donuts in the world. It was true. After the donuts we walked to Peace Park, the memorial where that shell of a hospital still stands - the first nuke dropped went off straight overhead the hospital so while everything within miles was incinerated the iron shell of this building still stands today.

    I've mentioned before I beleive in order, structure, and explanantions for events but do not beleive in nor am I scared by magic or the supernatural. I can almost bring back the feeleings today from Peace Park. I have never felt anything remotely like that at any time. It was a strange, eerie, sort of energy I have never felt before or since. I was not expecting anything like that. I don't have an explantion.

    In any case, while walking thru the park - it is large with a museum and various memorials. They still have a set of steps where a girls image/shadow is burned into the concrete from the blast...spooky, yes. While walking.....we come across a fairly large group of very old ultra gray haired Japanese chanting lightly while sitting on the ground. Their chanting got extremely loud as they saw a few Jarhead type young Americans in the park/memorial. A bit uncomfortable to say the least.

    But it struck me....these were "obviously" survivors from the area and the blast. They were very old, chanted very strongly, and appeared rather "viable" and certainly were not grotesquely deformed as in some Gamara movie. I have read reports of the actual relatively low levels of cancers and such from the area. Lower that would be expected, not non-existent, and not claims of benefits to the radiation but far lower than normally expected levels of incidents. It stuck with me that not all of people died horrible deaths with months or years of assumingly extreme levels of exposure.

    I don't want to sound insensitive, I know you have mentioned you have family in Japan. seem to be making blanket assumptions that all radiation causes immediate mutation and near term death. I don't have all the answers but I try to be a simple and objective analyst. I saw healthy and vibrant people assumingly exposed to huge doses of radiation who were around to chant/rant at me some forty plus years after exposure.

    If you like perma-bear scary stuff you should look into Richard Maybury. He is a brilliant analyst who long ago termed the phrase "Chaostan" for what was coming in the Middle East. He has a large body of work, maybe he would send you some if you ask. He sells it of course. His antedote after studying the nuke issue. Your best defense is a strong immune system, he gives other advice in his report on Nuclear, Chemical, & Biological Terrorism but you know, I want to keep things brief. Nothing is probably worse for your sytem than chronic worry. We won't have any perma-bears left by the time this secular bear market has run its course. Thats bullish.



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