Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silver -- PRS say long coming up

PRS calls for a long soon, unless SLV blasts downward through this PRS 177.   

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Cable "doing as it should", however I have caution since the USD still continue bouncing downward on the PRS.  Cable and USD are pretty much opposite, as much as anything is opposite.


  1. Comments - Check blog history, I told you of a significant turn on May 6 or 7, that it woiuld be a spike high or crash low. I sent you a chart with the same. Pretty good "forward looking" TA. That is different than backwards reading channels and standard TA. Very true thought that we do have a likely bottom in silver due Friday with possible low open on Monday followed by rally to new highs topping June 21/22. Yeah, nice call on silver, amazing in fact.

  2. USD had a "throw under" of a channel, which turned into a bullish downward wedge resolving upside. Time for that dollar rally. Everything will get whacked, but they will support equities as much as possible.

    Naturally, this won't change anything. The Kondratieff Winter cometh.

  3. And furthermore... China is about to experience big-ass credit crunch!

  4. Please simply find it, and post the link back into your comment.


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