Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why oh Why can't we demand a better press corps?

From NHK: Good news, 1 of the 6 spent fuel pool is not "blown to shit".   However, it is "boiling at 84 deg C".   Now folks....3 decades ago in 8th grade science, we were taught that water boils at 100 deg C, which is equal to 212 deg F.  Doesn't the current press corp pass at least 8th grade?   And if they are presented with information that makes no sense, shouldn't they clarify it before passing it on, or else not pass it on at all?

This is not rocket science I am talking about here.   The reporting on Fukushima has been nothing short of criminally stupid.
the spent fuel pool in the Number 4 reactor.

The video was taken on Saturday by a camera on the tip of a mechanical arm used to pour water to cool the reactor.

The footage shows 1,535 spent fuel rods stored in racks and covered by water. It also shows debris and ladders damaged by an explosion that occurred after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. The shelves on the side wall have been destroyed.

Bubbles are occasionally visible, as the water is boiling at a temperature of 84 degrees Celsius.

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  1. Oh, but we ARE demanding a better press corps... That's why the MSM is DYING... XD


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