Sunday, June 26, 2011

Definition of sucess

Market Sniper often comments at Slope of Hope, he has trading strategies that can literally make you a million dollars.   He gives this away for free.  

In this high risk environment, he only day trades.   I do some position trades. 

I think I have reached a new plateau.    Trading what you see, in front of you.  Do not try to "enforce" your view of what should be on the markets.    Long or short, whatever.   News?   Give me a break, if you want to waste time on news, at least view it as a contra-indicator.

I jacked up my trading account 41% in 2 weeks.   Playing long and short, /ES and Euro and some position trades mostly based on Breakpoint Trades advice.  No joke, this is serious stuff.  


  1. Thanks, now the trick is to not get greedy.

  2. Nice going, Steve.

    Didja see today, dollar down, silver down even more? One of those days I'm glad to be trading the chart and not the correlation. Not that I ever lose sight of the correlations, they work a lot, but the buck and silvah, even geld, can really do things they're not 'supposed' to in relation to each other.

    Happy ellipse of doom to ya... :-)

  3. hardly saw market today, probably good, frog boillish feelish.

  4. ib think trading is a difficult task but not impossible so keep in touch and gain great experiences

  5. Ok this is possible through this way thanx for info


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