Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Leaning Tower of Fukushima

I believe this leaning picture to simply a camera adjustment error.   However, if I was TEPCO, and this picture is exactly from TEPCOs live cam today, I would adjust the camera so it didn't give the impression the whole plant was falling over.   That whole ground over there has to be so saturated, that it could act like  Jello in another quake.  

They have been lying for months.   Truly a crime against DNA.   3 or 4 more of these and the earth won't be worth living on, even if you could live.

Here is a link to their webcam.

The moon has clearly marked turn points in the indices, except last year during the 2 major "pushes up" in which markets were pushed upward 80% by futures at nighttime and weekends. Bernanke points to the level of the stock market as "success" in spending trillions. What a joke.

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