Friday, July 1, 2011

2 Themes, Long because Armageddon scenario is a no win,

Repeated theme I am having from many levels:

Why not be long?  Afterall, if the Black Swan Squared Scenario plays out, that is a lose/lose for everyone.

I.e. if annuities default, everything will be so jacked up anyway...who might as well die (if annuities default).

Repeated themes are often false themes.

Everyone is on the "Greek Bailout" bus.   Personally, I think alot of these shenanigans are directly related that now the financial plunderer's (please don't call them elites) now want to take over all assets, both public and private.   They will get ownership of all government assets, land, infrastrcutre.   Then if you want some, you can rent it from the ability to use a road to go to work at your part time walmart job (do they have Walmart in Greece).

Got it?   They want all the assets.  The so called "privatization" of government infrastructure is really just a sham for transference of wealth and control.

Where is the rage?  Subdued by Government entitlement handouts to keep people at subsidence but not revolting levels.

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