Sunday, July 24, 2011


On a post to a blogger comment, responding to my over concisification.

Sorry, I guess the "whatever" always sounds kind of bad, my bad.   I was trying to get across, in a concise way---

We know this market is manipulated, we know the brokers/bankers have captured the Gov, we know the powers that be have launched into an era of unprecedented greed with no regard for the consequences (they can't help themselves, they are on a wave 3 up of greed), we know they have copious combined information on peoples/hedges positions and sizes and stops.   We know that they know that there is no prosecution coming.   They have ability, motivation, and the green light from the Gov (actually not just the green light, the Gov gave them an NOS kit to add to their engine).  

And actually I don't read the market so well all the time, 65% is more than good enough.

That said, my only purpose is to bank coin.   The market has an endless number of qualities and infinite future paths that are not fully prescribed by similarities to the past.    It is true that I am never wrong, because I endeavor to never force my prediction on the market, although sometimes I must pay for information on market direction.


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