Friday, July 29, 2011

Cyclical Nature of Put/Call Ratio

I spent some time doing an anaylsis of
Specifically, the Put/Call ratio of the S&P 500 only

By calculating various moving averages, I came up with a very interesting cyclical result.   The cycles aren't perfectly uniform, and they are not "perfect" in repetition, but they are obvious.

Now the next question is: how could one make money off of this?    Drop a comment.

Taking volunteers to help with analysis.


  1. Hello,

    This is the guy born at triplet touching base again....

    I joined breakpoint trades thru your website tonite for 6 months at a cost of 240.00

    I am seeing that their SPY swing trade system is not available to new subscribers at this time.

    This was the reason I joined the website!
    Can you assist me here?



  2. I'll try to pull some strings.  PS they had trade signals yesterday and today.
    my email is

  3. Steveo, can you put an SPX chart on that put/call ratio?

  4. I'll have more in the next few days, will advise.


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